“It’s really satisfying to go in and give people that sense of security that everything’s working OK.”

When Becca started working with us, she was a dispatcher. She heard daily from people with outages or questions about their service and scheduled technicians for field work. In training for that role, she rode along with technicians, getting a better sense of their day-to-day jobs.

And she saw herself there. Helping people, doing the hands-on work, in her hometown. But could she do it? And how?

Her boss recommended she take classes in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, as the discipline’s better known. Doing so meant a major shift for her. She was just months away from finishing an associate degree in criminal justice.

“This is the way I want to go with my life and my career,” Becca says. “I believe there is more opportunity for my family here.”

Becca changed the current. She’s now a senior utility specialist, and she’s helping people every day.

Service calls vary widely in complexity and risk, and Becca never knows exactly what she’s walking into until she arrives. With safety at the forefront of her mind, she may be there to help a customer find the cause of a high carbon monoxide level, restore service after an unexpected outage, diagnose the cause of a natural gas leak, or check their meter.

In addition to the job at hand, she engages and builds relationships with customers, providing a listening ear in rough times or exploring a peculiar bit of local history.

For Becca, working here means serving the community she loves. Along the way, she’s gained a greater appreciation for utilities and the people who make the services possible. “There’s so much under the surface that you don’t see going on when you flip the switch or turn on the water and boil a pot of spaghetti.”